Get the Smart Systems Integrated®: Early Bird fee until 30th June 2018 (50% off).

What is it?

EPoSS (European Technology Platform on Smart Systems Integration) has recently launched an European collective trademark, a tool useful to identify Smart Systems products and prototypes.

Furthermore, the Trademark is a useful tool to track the impact and to monitor how the funded projects’ results are treated after the end of a project.

The Smart Systems Integrated®, registered at EUIPO, is granted after a technical quality check to all prototypes, demonstrators, products also generated by public funded projects, that are Smart Systems.

It gives the following benefits:

  • to get a distinctive positioning of Smart Systems products increasing competitiveness and recognisability in the market;
  • differentiation of own products from those of competitors in the market;
  • giving a technical quality check to Smart Systems products in order to provide technical and economical added value in the whole EU community.


Visit the official website and get the Trademark!