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inSSIght webinar: Jump in the digital revolution in sport!

Smart and digital technologies are well positioned to support the growth of the Sport industry in generating new business models. The best way to enter into the sport digital revolution is to enter into the playground. inSSIght and its partner Blumorpho invite you to find business opportunities with Smart Systems in Sport by joining the…


Registration open for the EPoSS Proposer's Day & inSSIght Brokerage Event 2018

The EPoSS Proposers’ Day and inSSIght Brokerage Event 2018 will take place in Berlin on 8 February 2018 9.00-14.30 and is free of charge. Source: EPoSS


Presentations of the Networking Session "Electronic Smart Systems and Flexible & Wearable Electronics" at the ICT Proposers' Day 2017: Available here!

Presentations made available include the call presentation by the European Commission, a presentation of the running CSA inSSIght, and the pitch presentations of the Networking Session "Electronic Smart Systems and Flexible & Wearable Electronics" of the ICT Proposers’ Day 2017 in Budapest on 9 November 2017. Source: EPoSS

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Project Work Packages

inSSIght has one objective: to make Smart System Integration famous.
In order to reach our goal we created 7 thematic work packages.

WP1: Coordinate and Manage

Efficient management and coordination for the project lead by VDI/VDE.

WP2: Investigate

Analysis of emerging needs of end users and changing requirements for customer acceptance lead by IKL.

WP3: Strengthen Community

Support, train, enlarge and internationalise the ecosystem of Smart Systems Integration.

WP4: Lead Strategy

Impact durably the wide range of stakeholders in and beyond the SSI ecosystem lead by VDI/VDE.

WP5: Attract

Increase user-communities awareness of the benefits and the potential of smart system based solutions. It also connects smart system technology developers and user-communities in selected sectors

Lead by BLM.

WP6: Reach out and Disseminate

Marketing and communication strategy lead by MESAP.

WP7: Engage MNBS

Plug in to each of the above mentioned activities considering the specificities of MNBS and Healthcare; interface with other Health related EU initiatives such as ESTHER or EIT Health. Lead by DSPV.








European countries

Checkout our SSI Capibility Radar!

The SSI Capability Radar provides thorough insights into the Smart Systems Ecosystem by introducing all stakeholders in Europe on a single chart.
This reference tool aims at increasing awareness, providing new networking opportunities, and at initiating fruitful partnerships and allows advanced searches within the ecosystem. It has been initiated by EXPRESS, CSA project under FP7_ICT.

Knowledge Gateway

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